Hi! I’m Scott Wittenberg, an LA based drummer and musician.

Born and raised in California, I started piano lessons at the age of 5. It wasn’t long after before I graduated to the guitar, until finally opting for the drums as my musical weapon of choice.

20+ years later, I live in Hollywood, Ca, where I keep a busy schedule performing and recording with a variety of artists (blah-blah-blah) while also writing music of my own. I’m also a full time teacher at Hollywood’s MUSICIAN’S INSTITUTE where I graduated from in 2006 with the “Most Outstanding Player” award.

Recently, I’ve been credited as CHRISTIAN BALE’s drum coach for Paramount Pictures, “THE BIG SHORT.”

I’m also the drummer of L.A. based rock band, Zen Robbi, and family band, Jelly of the Month Club.

I’m also the MD for “Who’s the Ross?”– a long-running late night-talk show which has logged 700+ performances in the last 10 years.

Here are a few artists I have either recorded or performed live with:

– Zen Robbi – Jelly of the Month Club – Downtown Brown – Organ Freeman – Pete Anderson – GRIT – The Kings of 88 – Chris “Hammer” Smith -Scottie & the 2 Hotties!(Who’s the Ross” Late Night Comedy Show) – Michael English Blues band – Johny Statchula Blues Band – Frankly Speaking – Josh Fischel – Marty Friedman – Kirk Fletcher – Jack Ruch – Mic Dangerously – Kris Bradley – The Sweet Spot – Buddies! – Jimi Fitz – Quinn Archer – Katt Nestle – The B Foundation – The Others – The Rory Snyder Night Band – Beautiful Generation – The Railways – Clara Fisher – Fighting Smokey Joe – Kyle Fletcher – Adam Sizemore and the Modern Day Players – Downward Dog – Greg Brown – Miles Davis – Led Zeppelin – The Beatles – and many more…(aren’t we supposed to say that?)

I’m available for live gigs, studio work, and private lessons, and can be reached at ScottWittenbergDrums@gmail.com.

I am also very proud to play VIC FIRTH Sticks, REMO drumheads, PAISTE Cymbals, and CROCKETT TUB CUSTOM DRUMS.

little scott in drums140bpm
Circa 1987