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An Interview With the Guy Who Taught Christian Bale to Play Drums for The Big Short


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Aaron Ross is a multi-dimensional actor/comedian from Portland, Oregon, best known as the host of long-running late night-talk show “Who’s the Ross?”- which has logged 700+ performances in the last 10 years                                                                                                                                         Who’s The Ross???


ZR Cheese
Funky rock Band with blends of reggae, jazz, and punk.                  Zen Robbi


Adult-friendly kid band, Kid-friendly adult band-            Jelly of the Month Club


DowntownBrown Group Shot Velasco
   Funky, punky, rockers- Downtown Brown


Organ Freeman @ The Independant in SF- 2.17.2017-27
Badass funky Organ Trio- Organ Freeman


Tribute to Piano Rock Gods- The Kings of 88


Badass garage rock from singer/songwriter- Kat Meoz


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Smokin’ Classic Rock and R&B- Frankly Speaking- The Band


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TIMSHEL– The Hebrew word Timshel-“Thou Mayest”- gives one a choice. The word loosely translated reminds us that we can choose our behavior. We can choose between good vs. evil, right and wrong, and how we choose (want) to live. This site is a platform for sharing ideas, music, literature, art, and pertinent discussion topics.                                              Timshel- My Choice